Liberia ordinations

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The Right Reverend Dr. Emmanuel Osuagwu Johnson is the General Superintendent of the Liberia General Conference


The Right Reverend Dr. Emmanuel Osuagwu Johnson is the General Superintendent of the Liberia General Conference. (Missionary) He was a regional Superintendent for the ECC / DMI in Monrovia, Liberia for 3 years... since 2008. He is President of "Barkman College of Ministerial Arts" and has been elevated to Provincial Superintendent or "Bishop-Elect," Reverend Johnson will be invited to be ordained as a Bishop in the Church when he visits the General Conference in 2013.
In the Pictures below Dr. Johnson ordains some candidates to the Ministry...

Dear Dr. Barkman,
Peace of the lord to you and compliments of the day: I hope it is well with you and your family.

Daddy, our 4th anniversary celebration held on Sunday 12th August was very successful. During the program I ordained 4 Pastors including my wife. They are pastors T. Ebenezer Wah, David Mcgill Johnson, Peter Gortor and my wife praise Emmanuel.

Although we did not invite outsiders due to financial constraints, and we did not invite other branches of the church, only the headquarter church in Paynesville Monrovia took part in the program.

The anniversary programs started on the 9th of August with 3 days Revival that ended on the 11th of August. And on Sunday the 12th of August, the thanksgiving and anointing service took place with the ordination of the 4 pastors. we give God the glory for 4 years of the ECC-DML-in Liberia, with branches.







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