The Apostolic Episcopal Communion & Fellowship

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(The Apostolic Episcopal Communion & Fellowship is in no way attached to the Apostolic Episcopal Church and is not a part of the AEC in any way.)

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Apostolic Episcopal Communion and Fellowship Churches are located in Cape Town South Africa

Main Mailing / Posting Address)
A E C & F Churches, P.O. Box 956, Cape Town, WC, South Africa 8000
or: Just click this address to send us e-mail:

Picture below is of Metropolitan Archbishop Symeon


Mobile: +27 764412471   Fax nr: +27 867743504

Actual Headquarters Address:

A E C Churches

The Dayspring Ministry Group and Dayspring Ministries International
407 Brookhaven Street, Suite 3634, Brookhaven, MS 39603

This number: 601-833-4559 is Our Mississippi office number.... Please call it if you have questions.

Fax Number for Dayspring Group a
nd The A E C & F Churches : 877.736.4841

Archbishop Symeon during worship service
Godwin Booysen, Ph.D., Metropolitan Archbishop, Apostolic Episcopal Communion & Fellowship

With the Elect Lady of DMG Dwana Barkman
Dr. Gary Barkman, Ph.D., D.C.C., Th.D., The Dayspring Ministry Group & Dayspring Ministries Internat